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Quality Standards

Our recommendation

Quality Standards

Always choose the one with quality, because, on a long-term point of view, that decision will always make you a winner. Artemis Healthy Food Products will always be delighted to provide you with the best offer on good, high quality products, at affordable prices that compare favorably with other selections available in the market.

Does our recommendation go against your experience… let us tell you a few words about truth of the costs.

An example: You are going to the shop to buy paint for your house. You can choose between a cheap product produced in a big industrial factory or a high quality product produced organically and in respect of nature.

Quality Standards

Our recommendation is: Always choose the one with quality, because, on a long-term point of view, that decision will always make you a winner.
Actual costs for manufacture

Actual costs for manufacture and transport in addition to environmental costs – in respect to nature and pollution – the product becomes automatically more expensive

Raw material

Raw material and labour costs are less expensive due to the exploitation of nature and workers.

Cleaning the Environment

The costs of cleaning the environment from the poisonous chemicals produced by the paint. Fact: the production of 1 liter colored paint color can result in up to 7 kg hazardous waste. Who is paying these costs?

Giant Conglomerates

The costs caused by giant conglomerates that destroy countless jobs and small businesses.

If you add all these costs to the real price of the cheap paint you will see that the price will be many times higher than what you really paid… That is the real truth of costs…. Would the truth of the real costs be known to everyone, there wouldn’t be any environmental problems.

Our Quality Standards ensure we always provide you with the best and freshest products. By providing wonderful, fresh, healthy products, which are manufactured in respect of nature and in respect of human beings, we help in preserving the environment and the livelihood of people.

Only products manufactured in this way provide health and well-being to your body, mind and soul. This is the true meaning of quality and our company supports and stands for it.