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SAMINA Holistic Sleeping System

Health begins in your sleep.
The quality of a night’s sleep has a direct
and indirect effect on your physical and mental well-being. 

The SAMINA Holistic Sleep System

All SAMINA product improvements are exclusively designed by visions from modern sleep medicine.

Was establish by Prof. Dr. med. h.c. Günther W. Amann-Jennson for more than 30 years of experience of sleep psychologist.

For more than 25 years, SAMINA has been promoting holistic sleep with the superior quality organic and unique product the finest source of improving your sleep, healing and energy.

With increasing number of people suffering from sleep and back problems, holistic sleep is an extremely important issue and strongly influenced by personal factors.

The SAMINA specialist and distribution partners are competent and knowledgeable in holistic sleep to advice and personalized any individual needs and circumstances.

For this reason, SAMINA offers a significant contribution to holistic sleep and more energy during the day.

In 2017 we where awarded in FULL Special Report: SAMINA, The Healthiest Bed In The World

Come and visit us in SAMINA studio in Oman and experience our luxuriance, comfortable sleeping system

The sleep experts from SAMINA are looking forward to your visit.

Our sleeping system

Four components for maximum regenerative sleep

Our body: Skin, connective tissue, muscles, bone structure, Nerves – various layers that interact and work with one another.

Sleep is a natural rejuvenation improvement that is needed to maintain this structure’s full functionality in the long term to keep you healthy.

What would be more suitable than to develop a sleep system to facilitate this rejuvenation process, which consists of several layers to optimally meet the body’s needs? That’s exactly what we did.

The SAMINA sleep system consists of four layers that are perfectly balanced and make your sleep as regenerative and healthy as possible.


It’s best when you can schedule an appointment for healthy sleep consultation to view our products and experience the SAMINA sleeping system, you can contact us directly over the phone.

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